Sunday, January 2, 2011


Some words are so hard to swallow.
After my fourth shot these actions are getting harder to follow.
I was stupid; I made a fool of myself.
When I passed out by the toilet, and spewed my health.
It was the best night, laying there talking our cares away.
Shit happens, tomorrow will be a new day.

Now I'm barely seventeen, got a glimmer in my eye.
Not giving a fuck whether I live or die.
Swallow my pride with a sleeping pill and two shots of rum.
After what happened the night before I promised I'd be done.

Cry myself to sleep, or until I get a grasp of this wealth.
No one really gives a fuck if you make a fool of yourself.
I need to take advantage of the good times.
Not the pointless nursery rhymes.
Its the love from my friends; old and new.
To keep my upright and doing the things I do.

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