Sunday, January 2, 2011

I swear drunk I'm not officer...

So, I haven't been blogging lately. Some shit has been going on but since it is Sunday I will post the song of the week and start putting more posts up. Hopefully of some songs or just random thoughts.

Anyways, how was your New Years? Mine was most definitely crazy. I was back in Monterey for a solid four days (New Years occurred on the third). My New Years may have resulted with me puking my ass off and barely remembering anything but once I regained most of my consciousness it was all good. Waking up with your bra and pants undone is a bit strange though. Luckily nothing happened. Moments after waking up this really awesome guy checked in on me and let me go sleep in his bed with him. As I climbed under the covers looking and smelling like shit, I felt so much better. We stayed up until four in the morning just talking. It was extremely nice and he is a really great guy. I hope you guys stayed safe and had a good one!

Much Love,

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