Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Loneliness kills.

I break away from this self made comfort zone.
There will never be a force that can make it have a comfortable tone.
This awful pain pierces right through me, leaving no trace behind.
I've already took my fair share of bruises, lumps and immature remarks of every kind.
After tonight I am not so convinced that there is ever going to be a feeling of being whole.
This awkward loneliness has never truly left my soul.
One look at you and I knew this had to amount to something more.
Who am I even kidding? I am the homicidal maniac and you are the proud whore.
I am dying to see what lies beyond the flames in your eyes.
The chaos of uncertainty and scars they have left behind.
The way you produce these thoughts that raid my endless mind.
It has me in realization that I am addicted to the way you make me feel.
The way your bruises and bite marks never seem to heal.
Until we can meet again I keep my breaths on hold.
Only for a new chapter that has yet to be untold.

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