Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things That Irk Me.

These are some common things that really irk me:

First of all the book and movie series Twilight, because vampires don't fucking sparkle.
Mr. Dominguez (anyone that has him knows why).
Being sick, which I currently am): I get sick way to often; it is rather sad.
Ants due to the fact they are taking over my house because it is winter.
Flat soda, because flat soda just does not taste good.
The color pink.
Freshman, because they think they're hot shit.
Chemistry homework...there's always so much.
People who don't messgage you back on facebook or myspace.
Hot weather.
Justin Beiber, that little girl fucking scares me.
Our economy.
Cheating, because sadly I have been cheated on. It's one of the worst feelings ever.
Disapointing Justin, I'm sorry love.
Windy days.
My cellular device.
Physical Education.
My father when he is on his medication.
Not being able to see or speak to my mother.
Public speaking.
Being in Cow Town instead of Carmel.
School Dances.

That is all I can think of for now. Leave a comment stating what really irks you.
Much Love,

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  1. Boys, and the fact that they have to lie about every little thing. >.<