Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cool As Black Ice.

So, I'm pretty convinced having a sinus infection is making me more miserable then this feeling of complete loneliness. I hate that he's always on my mind and how he just ignores me. Seriously, if I take the time to message someone shouldn't they have the audacity to message me back? It's rather hard to deal with, maybe I should just stop bothering him. Anyways, three weeks of Winter break to endure. Christmas then my birthday 5 days after. If my current illness subsides and I somehow manage to scavenge enough money to go back home to Carmel then things should go nicely. I really miss everyone there. Cow Town will never feel like home; Carmel always will. When I moved here I knew things were going to be hard but I never imagined it being this hard. My amount of friends has rapidly decreased and the stale valley air is starting to get to me.

I spent forever to do my hair this morning because I have to try and look some what decent. Then I stepped outside my humble little home and there it was. Fog thicker than I have ever encountered. By the time I reached school my hair was damp and the extra time I took to actually straighten my hair completely vanished. I reached third period (due to finals we had it first thing today) looking like complete shit. Lesson learned? Most Definitely.

I think this is it for tonight. I'm still sick and rather drowsy from the NyQuil. Leave a comment telling me what you are doing for your break, or you can tell me how the magical flying pickles are going to take over the world with their narwhals and candy cane swords.

Much love,

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  1. Hello
    I love taking photos of what Im experiencing as well.

    Sorry to hear that you are sick and your birthday is coming soon. Hope everything is going to be alright in this few days.

    Im going to Sunshine Coast (a place in Queensland, Australia) this Friday and I hope I can take photos there. The rain in Queensland is so wired this year. It never stops... which is very annoying..

    Wish you the best and hope you will have an awesome birthday next week!